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The song is like a reggae rap and almost every line of the song ends with the artist saying more. I'VE BEEN TRYING TO FIND THESE SONGS FOR 15 YRS NOW AND HAVENT GOTTEN ANYWHERE. 1) MAYBE FROM THE LATES 70's EARLY 80's THERE WAS A FEMALE REGGAE VERSION TO GROOVY SITUATION. HERE ARE THE LYRICS FROM WHAT I CAN REMEMBER: "WE WERE JUST HAPPY GO LUCKY. And the words I did get may be a bit off, it's what I could remember) "something about the way that you walk, you know you got me hypnotized Something about the way that you [something] You know [something something something something] I need your love Yes I need [something] [something something something] For your love I pray Every time you come my way I want to hug ya, squeeze ya, kiss ya, please ya Yeah yeah yeah [something something], oh with my love Something about the way that you [something] [somethong somethin, something] my body yeah yeah yeah yeah..." And then there is a piano bit that goes like: Da da da da da da da da daaa Daa. her love keeps me going her love..." i remember playing it on cassette early to mid 2000's. no estoy seguro si la canta Tiger (el mismo de when) pero no la consigo.. I remember listening to it around 1198-99 Would anyone have a clue or remember a remix to that song? It doesnt have any of the "with a dozen roses...." yada yada.

I have been looking for this song that came out in the early 90s, I think titled "More" I don't know who the male Artist is. 5am listening to Ninja Man, Flouergon, or Courtney Melondy in a painted school bus with house speakers kicking bass on the back of your head.... I think its a remix or remake of murder she wrote sang by a man whom I suspect to be Pliers. The only part I can remember is the chorus that sounds like "All I know is murder, muder she wrote". Thanks everyone HELLO GUYS\ IM LOOKING FOR 2 SONGS BOTH ARE VERY OLD. I don't remember all the lyrics, but the lyrics I remember go something like this (where I put [something] it's because I can hum it but don't remember the words. there's a track most likely lovers rock with lyrics like "if you see me walking down the street smiling, i've got a joy so happy and free its the real thing, smiling face night and day thats her attitude... I've searched the whole album so I think it probably was never released. Looking for a fast paced reggae or dancehall song that all i seem to remember says "aah to the gee to the gee to the jay"...too sure but i think its from the 90s.

They usually play it in dancehall clubs/ events for twerking competitions for a few seconds until they move on to the next girl. Im not sure who sings it but whoever the artist is reminds me of Lukie D for some reason, his voice. ive been looking for that Elephant Man song for sooo long!! I know I didn't get the words correctly but I've heard this song for years and I still can barely understand or find it. It sounds like they say "you have da peenie ponie peenie ponie pe". Please I have been looking for this song, either 91,92 song, though I do not know the male artist or the track name but it's a cool ragga song.

I think he says Jamaica first before he breaks out with the "Ay yayay ay ya ay ayaya". It sounds like they say "you have da peenie ponie peenie ponie pe". I'm searching for this song, I have no real idea what the artist says but I do know the song is somewhat old.

Girl you, I , I , Love you oo oo, girl you I , I how you tickle my fancy, tingle up my vibe if your love was currency, I would accept bribe woman you got a hold on me, when will you let me go just like a burning spliff at night you make my eyes just glow O O O aooow :) something like that! I think they were on a strictly reggae ablum or something like that. The song is like a reggae rap and almost every line of the song ends with the artist saying more. ] too, would you mind giving me the 9 inch I want you, Me say we broke down the bed together whooaaa...." I agree, so much music, I live in Brooklyn NY (not what it was in the 80's-90's) i grew up on all this digital dancehall music. ironically in Panama I can find all this music with little effort. THATS ALL I CAN REMEMBER I HOPE SOME ONE CAN REALLY HELP ME WITH THIS THANKS IN ADVANE Hi I'm really hoping someone can help me find a song I have been looking for for 20 years now! And these are the notes to match those da's on the piano: E F, D E, C D, B C, A E D# D D E, C D, B C, A B, G G G# A I hope someone has some idea what this song is!