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He has four friends and the first one was the man that tried to play my friend in WWF. LADIES THIS IS ASSAULT ON US WOMEN AS WE ARE KEEPERS OF THE HOME AND SAVERS OF MONEY AND WE PROVIDE OUR OWN SECURITY NOW because alot of the males have let us down. Post on your Facebook page awareness and every site. These freaks don't care one bit about the women they profess to love. There is another petition going around to focus on the Military Scam.It is a rotten shame this has become the norm and for some it seems every generation has their scams and back in the 1800s they had the traveling Dr wagon that took your money then left town. I am trying to bring awareness to all scams,those on FB and dating sites. recruiter=697413584&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition I have reached out to Dr.

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It is so sad that this cannot be stopped by law enforcement. Plus there is a Smith Jackson on Facebook with a few friends. The emails are very intense professing his love and how he wants us to be together etc even though we have never met.

My best advice, is don't talk to anyone from facebook no matter how innocent they SEEM to be. Signed: Heartbroken The photo is small But The black truck is a four door and it is big. The photo he sent attached to my email is of a very attractive guy. I had also reported them to Facebook who said they met their "community standards". These scammers are the scourge of all us women and they NEED TO BE STOPPED.

We have got to help each other so please share this post as you are not alone. He is now trying to meet women on the "words with friends" WWF game. Phil to share my petition when he does a scammer show but, I guess since I do not want to be a guest on his show, he won't help us. Ladies life goes on, we have been heartbroken and we are broke, however, we are alive and that friends is amazing.

We have got to bring awareness and protection for online users if only someone would have reached me in time my many thousands of dollars would still be in my accounts. He is using the name "SMITH JACKSON", claims he has a 16 year old daughter, works on an "OIL RIG" in the gulf of Mexico, claims to have two homes in TEXAS, one in Arlington and one in Houston. They cannot break us, what we have gone through is not easy but, each and everyone of you have the resilience to survive.

LOL What a piece of work You can block him on Messenger and delete him and never hear from him again. He got a few grand from me, and now wants I-tune cards again and I refuse to send them. They say his pictures are off a video and they can see he is talking most of the time even though its on a stilled picture right now. I have had six removed off Facebook and they did it right away.